Meet The Interior Designer: Nicola Harding – SheerLuxe

Meet The Interior Designer: Nicola Harding – SheerLuxe


Having moved around a lot as a child, I’ve always been interested in creating homes which evoke a sense of place and belonging. I came into interior design slightly sideways, having first trained in garden design and working with Arne Maynard for five years. After creating several homes for myself, I was starting to be asked by friends to help them design their own homes. As such, my business largely grew through word of mouth, and my career as an interior designer has largely evolved organically. 

Style & Ethos

A fundamental part of my process is understanding the personal lives of my clients. It informs me how they want their home to feel and how they want it to serve them. A sense of meaning usually comes from putting together unique collections of furniture, fabrics and craftsmanship that have a particular significance – for example, a supplier who works in a village near where a client grew up or antiques from local dealers. 

Design Inspiration

Historic buildings and set design fascinate and inspire me – both evoke such a specific feeling and lots of nostalgia. I’m often inspired by the feel of place, and I love how the different physical interior elements interact to create a particular atmosphere, whether they’re in harmony or direct contrast. I’m always asking my clients how things feel – and on Instagram I find lots of inspiration by following @BibleOfBritishTaste.


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